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Spinal Decompression Therapy

Consider Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression to Ease Your Pain

Lower Back Pain

Vitality Health New York is your Manhattan chiropractor for gentle and effective non-surgical spinal decompression. If you experience pain and are considering noninvasive, non-surgical options, we are the chiropractor New York has to offer for the best in care. If you have never heard of this chiropractic method, we can walk you through this pain relieving, mobility increasing procedure step by step. 

What is Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression is what it sounds like, it is removing pressure off the spine. Spinal compression can cause a variety of symptoms, according to John Hopkins Medical Dictionary, these symptoms include pain in the neck, back, or lower back, burning pain in arms or down the sciatic nerve, numbness, loss of sensation in the feet, limpness or weakness in the feet, loss of sexual ability, loss of bowel or bladder control, and increasing severity in the symptoms above.

Non-surgical spinal decompression is the use of traction to relieve pressure and pain by very gently stretching the spine. The slow stretching causes a change that removes pressure from the disks and nerves in the area. The reduced pressure is indicated to allow nutrients for healing into the otherwise hard to reach area as well. The procedure is a viable non-surgical option for many people with back pain and nerve problems. 

How Can We Help You at Vitality Health New York

At Vitality Medical our experienced chiropractors ensure you are in good hands when you come in for your spinal decompression appointment. You can expect your appointment to be both pain-free and effective. We use gentle mechanical traction and expert chiropractic manipulation to allow your disks to naturally slip back into a more comfortable position. This method does not require the recovery time that many other spinal decompression methods do. Manual, non-surgical spinal decompression is a way to physically fix the problem you are living with, instead of masking it with medicine or putting your whole body under anesthetic to have invasive spine surgery. Come in and meet our expert chiropractic team to find out exactly how we can help you live your best pain-free life. 

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Call for your spinal decompression appointment at Vitality Health New York. We are your Manhattan chiropractor for gentle and effective care, what are you waiting for call us to start off the New Year with Vitality. We offer pain relieving chiropractic techniques, as well as lifestyle coaching to help you achieve all of your goals.  (212) 245-5688

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