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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

I am very pleased to have found such a caring chiropractor as Dr. Neel Kumar. I was suffering from upper back and neck pain brought on by too much time at my desk and nothing was helping. The pain got to be unbearable and I was having difficulty with work and daily activities. I received a combination of physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic. I immediately felt relief after Dr. Kumar adjusted my back and neck. After a few treatments I noticed a great improvement to what was becoming a p

Sanjay Dholakiya

I absolutely love the entire team at Vitality Health –they so kind and committed to their patients treatment and overall wellness. Definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a welcoming and talented practice for treatment!!

Jennifer Rush Jacobs

Dr Kumar and his team have just been excellent – they provide chiropractor, physical therapy and acupuncture all in one setting and in a very convenient location.

Xiaohui Lin

I injured my low back while working out at the gym and decided to make an appointment at Vitality Health that same day. They immediately scheduled me in for an appointment and were very nice to check and see that my insurance covered the treatment. I first saw Dr. Kumar who throughly examined me and and asked me the details of my injury. I was next seen by their physical therapist and she was great in helping me to improve my mobility. After PT, I was treated by their acupuncturist which I found

Karina Rosa-Medina

I struggled with upper back/neck pain for almost 5 years that would sometimes have these episodes where my back would spasm, lock up and leave me immobilized in excruciating pain. I went to see Dr. Kumar desperate in the middle of one of these episodes last winter and started seeing him and the team there twice a week.. These days I still see them once a week for maintenance and am happy to say I have not had a level 10 pain episode since the first time I saw them. I’ve been to many physical t

Brigitte Schonfeld

I hurt my back and couldn’t walk for days, but after one visit to Dr. Kumar, I was feeling nearly 100% by the next day. Dr. Kumar and his entire staff are very pleasant and they make sure to give you the complete medical help you need through chiropractic, massage, PT, and acupuncture treatments. They also are very accommodating to insurance, even when out of network.

Brian Canner

I was suffering from back pain and stiffness. I originally came to Vitality Health Medical in search of chiropractic treatment but was pleased to find that other services were available as well. Dr. Kumar and the physical therapist formulated a treatment plan to suit my needs. My pain has been alleviated and i continue to go for maintenance care. Excellent treatment staff and service.

Steven Clark

Very impressed with the thorough and professional treatment I’ve received here. I’ve seen all of the practitioners in Dr. Kumar’s office and I always leave feeling refreshed and limber. A tranquil sanctuary in midtown.

C. S. Purcell

Great treatment, great staff, great service. Very accommodating, first rate care.

Michael Lane

The entire staff is so friendly, accommodating and have provided me with excellent care since I started my treatment last year. I had suffered for many years with back issues and I can say that I feel much better now. I truly recommend Dr Kumar’s practice.

Sara Amante

I started coming to Vitality over a year ago with bad lower back and knee problems. They’ve been instrumental in revitalizing my body and giving me the tools to work independently through stretching and strength exercises on maintaining healthy joints and vertebrae. I love the staff here, they are so personable and truly seek to connect with me on an individual level to make sure I’m getting better. Dr. Kumar and co have a wholistic, balanced approach to physical therapy that really works. C

Waylen Roche

I have been going to see Dr. Kumar for over a year now and my neck and back pain as lessened a lot. He takes his time explaining what he is doing and always answers all your questions clearly and thoroughly. The physical therapist, Vanessa, is very professional and really helps to ease my neck and back pain. Sarah, the massage therapist, helps to relax and ease the tension in my muscles. I highly recommend Vitality Health Medical and Chiropractic for its effectiveness and friendly staff.

Katherine Tsang

Amazing place, Dr. Kumar saves the day whenever I’m in need. Not only relieves my back pain, but gives me advice that helps keep my back in the best shape possible. I highly recommend Dr. Kumar and Vitality Health. – JB

JXD Financial

I had a great experience here. Dr. Kumar’s treatment was so thorough and effective that I kept coming back even after I switched jobs. Would recommend him to anyone!

Alex Monroe

Everyone at Vitality Health Medical and Chiropractic was very attentive and got me started on a treatment plan that has been amazing in help manage the pain that I suffered from for many years. I tell all my friends, coworkers and family that they have to give this place a try.

Joel Epstein

Relief, Reliability and Real Care. The group here has helped me manage chronic pain better than ever before. The team treating you becomes instant family and they know what they are doing. The multi dimensional approach they apply is effective for immediate and sustainable relief. It would be very silly not to come to Dr Kumar and his professional staff. Extremely grateful to have found them.

Michael C

I’ve been going to Vitality Health twice a week over the past few months for chronic migraines. The comprehensive approach of acupuncture, physical therapy and chiropractic care has proven to be incredibly helpful for me. My migraines are less frequent and severe, and I find myself needing fewer migraine medications. Dr. Kumar, Leah (acupuncturist) and Vanessa (physical therapist) create a very friendly and soothing environment. It is clear that they each take the time to get to know their pat

Rachel Friedman

Dr. Kumar and his staff are nothing short of friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. They are very welcoming and cater to always cater to my needs. Dr. Kumar really knows what he’s doing and always educates his clients. Treatments help a lot but he strongly encourages you to do exercises at home that will further help with healing. I came here for neck pain from stress and bad posture twice a week for a few months. And words cannot express how grateful I am to this place. I really owe my pain fre

Linda Mcdonald

I work near by Dr. Kumar’s west midtown office and come in for acupuncture and massage regularly. I recently came back from vacation more tired than when I left with a kink in my back. First day after my return I payed Dr. Kumar & staff a visit during my lunch break. Highly recommend!

Rajiv Narula

Dr Kumar is a true professional who takes the time to get to know the patient and provide a proper diagnosis. He is very flexible and helpful, and always treats patients with the utmost respect. He is extremely nice and personable, and I always leave feeling much better physically than when I arrived. I highly recommend him.

Scott Friedmann

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Kumar and everyone at Vitality Health for all of their attention and care. After enduring years of chronic back and shoulder pain as well as constant walking pain related to a childhood foot surgery, I finally decided to seek help and am so glad that I found this office full of warm and compassionate people. I go twice a week. Vanessa, the physical therapist, is creative and patient–she never pushes too hard, just hard enough to get real results,

Annie Nichol

I started going to Vitality Health Medical in late 2014 after months of severe back pain worsened by heavy lifting. Dr. Kumar along with the physical therapist created a biweekly treatment regime that alleviated my pain and strengthened my functionality. Now I go in whenever I feel I need maintenance and can honestly say I’m grateful I found Dr. Kumar’s office. Thanks Dr. Kumar!

Sameer Bhandoh

I came to Dr. Kumar with chronic pain and received excellent treatment. Everyone here is very professional and I would highly recommend this practice to anyone.

Terry Purcell

Great job! Very happy with the treatment I received here.

Francesca Revella

Terrific work by Dr. Kumar and his staff. Wish I had found this place sooner!

Matt Prager

I have been visiting Dr. Kumar and staff at Vitality Health Medical for quite some time. I look forward to beginning my week with sessions at Dr. Kumar’s where, in addition to chiropractic treatment, I receive massage, physical therapy and occasionally acupuncture. Thank you to Dr. Kumar and his staff who help me in my goal of maintaining a healthy body.

O Silver

I have been twice a week for the past month and am really super pleased with my treatment. Dr. Kumar and his whole team (Vanessa, Sarah, and Amy) have been kind, thoughtful, and are first class professionals spanning chiropractics, massage therapy, core exercises, and acupuncture. I am a big fan and highly recommend them for treatment (my issue was lower back pain & sciatica).

Jeremy Baksht

Dr. Kumar did a phenomenal job relieving the pain on my lower back. Definitely coming back.

Tiffany Vazquez

I have been a patient at Vitality Health Medical and Chiropractic for over a year now and am finally writing a review to show my appreciation. Dr. Kumar’s chiropractic treatments have really helped with both the back and neck pain I suffered from. Highly recommended!

Janet Goldman

Dr. Kumar and everyone at Vitality Heath Medical were very helpful in getting me out of pain after just a few visits. The physical therapist, Vanessa provided me with one on one attention and is very professional and experienced. I also got to see the massage therapist, Sarah who is excellent and was so happy to find out they had an acupuncturist too. I always look forward to my next appointment and am very happy to have found this place.

Kim White

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