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On-Site Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays Give You Faster Results

The wait for x-rays to be developed is not that long, but when you're in pain or are dealing with strange symptoms, that short wait can seem interminable. A faster and easier way to literally see what's going on is to use digital x-rays, which don't take as long to develop and are a lot simpler to share between facilities, if needed. You can get digital x-rays in house at Vitality Health New York in  Midtown Manhattan which makes finding the right treatment a more straightforward process.


Speed on Two Fronts

When you have digital x-rays done, the image from the x-ray machine is converted into a computer file that can be displayed on a screen. This process eliminates the need to develop film and makes the whole x-ray sequence go a lot faster. Within minutes, your doctor can have the image at their desk or on a monitor in the exam room. This speed is comforting when you're dealing with something painful or alarming. Plus, if an image is not clear, the doctor  will see that quickly and can take additional images without making you wait for long.

Note that when you have digital images taken, the process is no different for you. You still sit or lie on a table with protective coverings while a technician takes the images. There are no other tasks you have to do or tests you have to go through. It's a win-win situation for you and the doctor.

Contact Us If You Need a Chiropractor in NYC

Call Vitality Health New York to schedule an appointment with Dr. Neel Kumar who will evaluate your condition and take x-rays if needed for an accurate diagnosis. Our chiropractic clinic is  located in New York City offering chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, and sports medicine. Our facility offers digital x-rays because we know the importance of prompt diagnosis. Call us at (212) 245-5688 to arrange scheduling an appointment or book online.

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