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Low Back Pain

Treatment for Lower Back Pain with a Chiropractor

If you are trying to manage lower back pain and you have not found relief, it's time to see how Vitality Health Medical in NYC can help. As a full-service chiropractic office, we provide assessment and treatment to identify the cause of your lower back pain and get to the root of your problem.

 Lower Back Pain

Causes of Lower Back Pain

A number of problems could be adding to your lower back pain, making it difficult for you to heal. Chronic misuse of your lower back can result in pain, while an injury can cause you to have severe or acute lower back pain. It's possible to have strained muscles and ligaments causing pain, a bulging disc pressing on a nerve, a spine out of alignment, and a combination of all three. A chiropractor will look over your spine carefully to determine what is causing your lower back pain and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

Treatment with a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

Treatment will look for ways to improve mobility, increase circulation, decrease pain and get your spine back into alignment. A chiropractor will use a wide range of treatment modalities, including chiropractic adjustments, massage, ultrasound, hot and cold therapies, traction and other manual therapies. You will see a chiropractor several times a week in the early stages of your recovery.

As Treatment for Lower Back Pain Progresses

While you will see the chiropractor frequently in the acute phase of your treatment, you will start to go less often within a few weeks. As you start to heal, you will discover that you have longer periods of time when you feel well in between appointments. The goal is to strengthen your core muscles and improve your overall function so that you are no longer in pain. You may start to see your chiropractor once a week, and eventually once a month or so for maintenance appointments.

Lower Back Pain Relief Now

At Vitality Health Medical we are ready to help you get relief for lower back pain. Your chiropractor Dr. Neel Kumar in NYC, we provide treatment for all types of conditions so that you can start living your best life. Call us today at (212) 245-5688 and set up your initial consultation. We are here to provide chiropractic treatment for lower back pain and more!

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