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Areas We Serve - Vitality Health Medical

If you are in search of quality chiropractic care to ease your back pain or to help improve your health, look no further than Vitality Health Medical in Midtown Manhattan.  Dr. Neel Kumar has helped thousands of patients in the greater New York City area find relief from back, neck and shoulder pain. Vitality Health Medical has two convenient locations to help patients who are ready to begin on their journey to wellness and vitality.

Located next to Grand Central Station, NYC

We offer exceptional chiropractic services for patients in Manhattan, NY.  We have a convenient location next to Grand Central Station to serve patients across the New York City region

Vitality Health Medical's Midtown Manhattan offices offer appointments for back pain relief, neck pain treatment, chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massages, and much more. We offer our a full-range of quality services from both locations to serve New York City and the surrounding areas including Long Island. If you work close to one, but live close to another we can schedule your appointment to suit whatever your needs may be. 

Services Offered at Vitality Health Medical

  • Chiropractic Care that includes spinal adjustment and spinal decompression therapy to improve posture, reduce pain, decompress the spine, and improve overall wellness from the core. 
  • Physical Therapy to help you recover from an injury and increase mobility. Our therapists can teach you the techniques in office that will help improve your unique situation. 
  • Family & Sports Medicine for patients with goals in mind for their body and who would like a professional in their corner to help them recover from accidents and improve their game. We also offer full Family Medicine services.
  • Acupuncture and massage therapy to help ease pain and many ailments that are associated with chronic pain and even mood disorders. Acupuncture has been practiced for a very long time and is proven to reduce pain and help with certain disease. 

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Call us at Vitality Health Medical to set up your appointment for chiropractic care with Dr. Neel Kumar at our location in Midtown Manhattan. NYC next to Grand Central Station at 6 E 45th St #305, New York, NY 10017  

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