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Massage Therapy

Medical Massage at Vitality Health New York

Human touch has been put to use for medicinal purposes for countless centuries. Even with today's proliferation of advanced instrument-based techniques and technologies, manual therapies still matter. Massage therapy is especially powerful as a means of relieving discomfort, improving physical function, and aiding the body's natural healing processes. Here at Vitality Health New York, you can receive massage therapy alongside other all-natural treatments from your trusted chiropractor Dr. Neel Kumar in Midtown Manhattan.

What Massage Therapy Can Do

It might be strange to think of an activity associated with spas as an important medical technique, but that's exactly what massage therapy is. Depending on the technique employed, massage can improve blood flow, enhance lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling, ease inflammation, relax soft tissues, and help tissues heal more rapidly. Other health benefits include improved sleep quality, stress reduction, increased range of motion, and the breakup of unwanted, abnormal internal scarring. We recommend massage as a treatment for overuse injuries, headaches, fibromyalgia, circulatory problems, acute strains or sprains, and many other conditions. It can even boost your immune system response.

Massage also works beautifully in conjunction with other non-invasive healing techniques. For example, receiving a massage just before a session of chiropractic adjustment can prime your muscles to accept those adjustments more easily and completely, enhancing the benefit of your treatment.

Different Massage Techniques for Different Needs

Different forms of massage therapy are often recommended to accommodate specific health challenges. These forms include:

  • Swedish massage - A light massage that stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles near the skin surface
  • Deep tissue massage - A more aggressive type of massage that works on muscles and connective tissue closer to the bones, releasing scar tissue and treating chronic tendon, ligament, fascial and deep-muscle conditions.
  • Trigger point therapy - A discipline that focuses on releasing tight muscle knots called trigger points, thus relieving both local and referred pain caused by chronic muscle spasms
  • Prenatal massage - A uniquely gentle approach that places the patient on a table designed to accommodate her changing body safely and comfortably, easing prenatal pains while also optimizing the body for birth
  • Sports massage - A kind of massage that works on the specific muscle groups, joints, and connective tissues that take the most punishment or need to achieve the highest possible performance for your chosen sport

Our Comprehensive Medical Services are designed to get you out of pain quickly. 

Whether you want to fight a nagging pain problem, rehabilitate an injury, or simply maintain your best health, massage therapy from Vitality Health New York could be the answer. Call our NYC medical chiropractic office today at (212) 245-5688 or book online.

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