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Back Pain

Qualified Chiropractor for your Back Pain Treatment

Have you been experiencing pain on your lower back, lately? If yes, several factors could have contributed to it. You may have bent over to pick something heavy or developed it as a result of chronic conditions such as arthritis. No matter the cause, seeking an earlier medical intervention is the best decision to make. Scheduling a visit with NYC chiropractor Dr. Neel Kumar at Vitality Health New York will go a long way in ensuring you address your back pain condition. 

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How to tell if you are having back pains

Back pains present many signs and symptoms including; muscle ache, sharp and stabbing pains, or the pain that persists when bending, standing, lifting or walking.

What causes back pains?

Back pain can be temporary, or chronic depending on the cause. Acute back pain often lasts 4-6 six weeks. If it goes beyond this period, you will need to see a doctor and determine the cause and the level of damage it has caused. Many conditions have been linked to back pains including arthritis, protruded or ruptured disks, the strain on the muscles, and skeletal irregularities among others.

You can also develop backaches when you are exposed to different risk factors such as age, heavy lifting, smoking, mental conditions, childbirth, and obesity among others. Earlier intervention is the best way to deal with the issue before it gets out of hand.

When to see a chiropractor NYC professional

Whatever the causes of back pain, being under the care of a qualified chiropractor NYC expert is essential. As an all-in-one health organization, Vitality Health New York aims at personalizing its back pain treatment services to the residents of Manhattan and beyond. With a team of medical experts, you will receive a comprehensive back pain treatment plan to help you feel better.

All chiropractors are trained to handle cases differently. However, finding the one who understands your problem is a daunting task. You need to be in the capable hands of someone who has been in the industry long enough to understand the dynamics of back pains. With world-class resources and skilled manpower, the center will follow all medical-based protocols to find the solution to your back pain condition.

When you visit Vitality Health New York for your back pain treatment, you will receive personalized care such as acupuncture, physical therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, and other Manhattan NYC chiropractic services. Our patient-centered organization will not only help you to embark on your normal duties, but it will also ensure you enjoy a full recovery. The medical team understands how difficult it is for you to go through the problem on your own. That is why it treats you like a family member.

For all your back pain services, call Vitality Health New York directly at (212) 245-5688, or book online.                           

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