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Leg and Arm Numbness

Leg numbness can be caused by many conditions. A medical professional can help you determine what is the specific cause of your leg numbness, and help you to decide what treatment plans work best for your condition. If you are dealing with leg numbness and you’re looking for a chiropractor in midtown Manhattan for help, call Vitality Health New York to discover what chiropractic care can do for you.


What is Leg Numbness?

Leg numbness can be characterized as the loss of sensation in the legs, tingling of the legs, or even the feeling of skin-crawling on the legs. This can happen at different parts of the day for some people, but could also be caused by how you sit or stand throughout your day. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, take notes about when they occur so that you can better explain your condition to a trained professional.

Causes of Leg Numbness

Leg numbness can be caused by many ailments. From sitting too long in an awkward position to nerve damage as the result of injury, we can help treat whatever is causing your leg numbness symptoms. Below are a few of the causes of leg numbness.

  • Sciatica: This is pain related to the pressure put on your sciatic nerve. It usually causes sharp pain to shoot down the legs and hips. It also typically affects one side of the body more than the other. Because of this pain, there could be some leg numbness and tingling that occurs. 
  • Paresthesia: This is a common cause of numbness in any part of the body. This happens when you sit with your legs crossed too long, which causes nerves to compress. While this is not a permanent condition, it could happen more often based on posture and seated positions. 
  • Multiple Sclerosis: This is an autoimmune disease that attacks the nerves. By breaking down the myelin sheath around your spinal cord, there might be times when you have numbness in your legs and other parts of the body.

Treatment for Leg Numbness

Based on the cause of your leg numbness, we will perform different exercises and tests to help improve circulation to your legs. This could be in the form of at-home exercises that increases movement in your legs. It could also be chiropractic adjustments to help improve nerve response in your lower back and hips to prevent numbness and tingling throughout the legs.

Chiropractic Care in Manhattan, NY

Whatever the cause of your leg numbness, we will help. Come and visit us today at Vitality Health New York in midtown Manhattan, NYC. Our chiropractors would be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to leg numbness or chiropractic care in general.

Arm Numbness

Pain in your arms, hands or fingers can sometimes be caused by a pinched nerve in your neck. There are seven bones or vertebrae in the neck each separated by a disc that is there to act as a shock absorber between the vertebrae. This allows for normal pain free range of motion. At each vertebrae there is a nerve that begins in the neck and travels down the arm. Sometimes an injury or repetitive stress brought on from poor posture or sitting for prolonged periods of time at a desk can result in injury to the disk. This can cause the disc to bulge or tear causing irritation to the nerve. Other reasons for nerve root irritation in the neck could be degenerative changes such as arthritis or a pathology. The spinal nerves in your neck travel down your arm in different distributions. If there is a pinched nerve in your neck you may experience pain or numbness and tingling in the arms

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