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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    Dr Kumar and his team have just been excellent - they provide chiropractor, physical therapy and acupuncture all in one setting and in a very convenient location.

    Xiaohui Lin

    I absolutely love the entire team at Vitality Health –they so kind and committed to their patients treatment and overall wellness. Definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a welcoming and talented practice for treatment!!

    Jennifer Rush Jacobs

    I came to this clinic for help because of my headache. I received physical therapy and chiropractic here and it really helps a lot. The stuff here are all nice and helpful especially Dr. Adriana Lazare. I highly recommend this place if you have similar problem like mine.

    Ye Liu

    Very impressed with the thorough and professional treatment I’ve received here. I’ve seen all of the practitioners in Dr. Kumar’s office and I always leave feeling refreshed and limber. A tranquil sanctuary in midtown.

    C. S. Purcell

Welcome To Vitality Health Medical!

Life in New York City and the surrounding areas never seems to slow down, which means that your body experiences all kinds of demands and challenges. It's good to know you have a trusted chiropractor next to Grand Central Station who can help you recover from painful conditions and safeguard your entire family's health. That's why we're so glad you found the official website for Vitality Health Medical. We're proud to be serving Midtown Manhattan with a variety of safe, natural, effective healing services and techniques.

Premier Integrated Medical Services From Your Midtown Manhattan Chiropractor conveniently located next to Grand Central Station in NYC

Our multidisciplinary approach treats your whole body as the complex organism that it is, combining several types of non-invasive treatment to help your various physical systems work together more efficiently. Count on Vitality Health Medical for such services as:

  • Chiropractic Care - Chiropractic care can treat musculoskeletal alignment problems to relieve joint pain, increase your range of motion, improve nerve function, and help your body stay healthy.
  • Spinal Decompression - Non-surgical spinal decompression uses mechanical traction to relieve spinal column compression. Spinal decompression helps relieve symptoms of sciatica, disc bulging, and herniated discs that cause arm and leg tingling.
  • On-site Digital X-Rays - Is a form of X-Ray that produces less radiation to the patient and provides an easier image for your doctor to view.
  • Physical Therapy - We can devise a personalized physical therapy program to meet your specific condition and goals, from regaining your balance and strength after a devastating injury to helping you support your body better.
  • Sports Medicine - Sports activities often lead to sports injuries, and Vitality Health Medical is here to help. We can help you get over an acute injury, rehabilitate a chronic overuse injury, or make yourself less vulnerable to future injuries.
  • Acupuncture - Acupuncture relieves pain naturally by increasing the production of endorphins. This ancient technique is also highly successful at improving the nervous system's internal communications, making it a potent force against a variety of ailments.
  • Massage - Therapeutic massage not only enhances the effectiveness of our chiropractic care; it also relaxes tight muscles, accelerates healing, improves circulation, and breaks up internal scar tissue.

Conditions Treated at Vitality Health Medical

Vitality Health Medical can serve as your all-in-one health resource. We treat back pain, neck pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, hand pain, hip pain, knee pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and neurological symptoms in the arms or legs. If it's musculoskeletal in nature, chances are good that we have the answers for it!
You don't have time to be debilitated by illnesses or injuries -- so take a little time right now to do something about them. Call our new office location in Midtown Manhattan next to Grand Central Station at (212) 245-5688.

Comprehensive Medical Services

Our team of medical professionals provide a comprehensive treatment plan that will help you recover quickly. Treatment of pain and physical injury requires medical based protocols and rehabilitation programs customized for each individual.

We provide you with integrated medical services including acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic. Our approach is designed to help you return to all your activities and notice a quicker recovery time allowing you to return to a pain free life able to perform all your daily activities.

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