Hyperkyphosis Treatment NYC

Hyperkyphosis like scoliosis is an excessive curve in the spine. Scoliosis is a bend from side to side, either convex or concave while kyphosis is an anterior or a forward rounding of the upper back. Some rounding is normal, but the term hyperkyphosis is usually used to refer to an exaggerated rounding and is sometimes called round back or hunchback. While hyperkyphosis can occur at any age, it’s most common in older women where the deformity is known as a dowager’s hump.

Age-related kyphosis often occurs after osteoporosis weakens spinal bones to the point that they crack and compress. A few types of hyperkyphosis target infants or teens.

Mild hyperkyphosis may cause few problems. But severe cases can affect your lungs, nerves, and other tissues and organs, causing pain and other problems. Treatment for hyperkyphosis depends on your age, the cause of the curvature and its effects.

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